Friday, February 26, 2016

Week 6

This week I was scheduled to work Monday, Wednesday, and this weekend. But Tuesday night and Wednesday morning Central Illinois had a huge snow storm. I did not go to work Wednesday so, I am some what happy. I work an 8 hour shift tomorrow. I also work an 8 hour shift Sunday. I am ready to see what I work next week. Since we were off school and I was off work Wednesday and Thursday I rode four-wheeler's with my little brother.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Week 5

This week this Cashier King has only 14 hours to work. This wonderful Thursday night is my last night for the week. I worked Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. I work on mop nights all the time. I got another job to so, I do not work at Save A-Lot on Tuesdays or Fridays anymore. I work at my other job that is preparing me for what I want to major in college. I will be at Save A-Lot tonight so stop in and shop! We started a new ad Sunday and it runs till next Sunday and this weekend there is a three day sale. You can get a 3 pound bag of onions for 99 cents along with other things on sale. We have our meat like steaks and hamburger on sale for 49-69 cents a pound. That is cheap. So, stop on in there I will be there till  8 every night except Sundays when, we close at 6.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Week Four

This week I work every night but Tuesday and Friday. I broke my truck Thursday night though on my way home after work. My transfer case is all cracked so, this week is really hard to get around with out a vehicle. My mom is taking me to school and a friend is taking me to her work so, I can go to work. I really do not want to go to work but, I have to so I can fix my truck. I really am glad they gave me Tuesday off cause I am sick of mop nights. I am glad I am off Friday because, the new school has a huge theater and they are having different things and Friday there is supposed to be a country artist performing and I want to go to that.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Week 3

This week at the wonderful Paris Save A-lot we had  a worker call in sick. So, I got appointed to cover her shifts and mine so, I am juggling school and a 28 hour work week. I work every night but, Wednesday. I am not wanting to work all week i am ready for tonight though cause, once again it is a mop night. Ryan and I always work on mop nights. I got another job though so, for now I won't work Tuesdays or Fridays. I will miss Save A-Lot cause of the people I work with but, I wont miss the low pay and lots of hours.